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Moving right along... 12.05.2015
You Don't Need To Go To Everest To Get High 23.11.2014
The Many Faces of Dal Bhaat 11.11.2014
These boots were made for walking... 07.10.2014
Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club? 16.09.2014
Achtung! Crocodiles May Be Present In These Waters. 27.06.2014
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish. 19.04.2014
Summertime... 14.03.2014
41.2708° S, 173.2839° E 19.12.2013
Adios, Auckland! 30.10.2013
Guru of the Snowy, Snowy Mountain. 23.07.2013
Like A Kid In A Candy Shop 26.04.2013
'No, your MUM is a PENNE!' 05.04.2013
'Clever girl...' 17.03.2013
Star Light, Star Bright. 03.03.2013
Спасибо и до свидания! 19.07.2011
That alcoholic lemonade, it'll get ya. 12.07.2011
"Garry Potter." 06.07.2011
And then I got sunburnt going out on a Thursday night. 01.07.2011
Day One (and a bit) 28.06.2011
Surviving the combat zone 06.02.2011
Any last requests? 02.02.2011
"I'll eat until they have to pump my stomach... 24.01.2011
So, it has been 13 days... 20.01.2011
"Do they just head straight for the meat?" 08.01.2011
'How much? How much?' 03.01.2011
There's nothing like getting arrested on a Tuesday afternoon 29.12.2010
To keep the rabbits out. 25.12.2010
Everytime you cross the road it's an acheivement. 21.12.2010